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Shamley Green, Wonersh, Bramley & District Angling Society

Annual Membership Details

The current rates of annual membership are as follows: 


Annual Membership Fees 2024-2025 Season (inc. £20.00 one-off joining fee)


Full Season Membership

Joint (Couples only)


Senior (>21 years of age)


Social (no fishing permitted)


Student* (1under 21 years of age as 16th of June)


* All members under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a Senior member
** There is an additional £1.00 P&P charge for online applications

  • Applications for membership may be completed either online or by post.

  • Membership fees include a one-off £20.00 joining fee for new members.

  • New permits are sent out at the end of May and are valid from June 16th.

  • We only offer full year memberships.

Membership Details


If you would like further details then please do not hesitate to contact by clicking the button below.

New Membership Leaflet

This leaflet contains further details concerning new membership and you can now complete your application and payment online via our New Members page (password protected, see leaflet for details).


Society Rules

Anglers should be familiar with all Society rules and bye laws, before starting to fish.

  • Members must carry their membership permit together with an EA rod licence at all times and show them when requested.

  • Members and guests fish entirely at their own risk on all Society waters.

  • Bait Restrictions - no boilies & no live baiting.

  • Unhooking mats are to be used at all times.

  • No keepnets to be used (except in official Society matches).

  • All landing nets are to be completely dry when entering the fishery. The EA recommend that this is the ONLY sure way to prevent any disease being transferred to the fishery.

  • All hooks are to be barbless.

  • Fishing is allowed from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.

  • Night fishing is not permitted.

  • Bivvies, shelters and bed chairs are not permitted.

  • Take your litter home with you.

  • Due to the size and limited swims at Barnett Pond it has been decided to limit anglers to one rod/pole in use at any one time.

  • Bad language will not be tolerated.

  • When using audible bite alarms please have consideration for other anglers and turn then down to a minimum.

  • The use of braid (Mainline or hook length) is strictly prohibited at Barnett Pond.

  • Please fish from the officially pegged swims only.

  • Members are not permitted to take alcoholic drinks to any Society water, or drink alcohol whilst fishing these waters.

  • The use of leadcores is strictly prohibited at Barnett Pond. 

  • All feeder or bomb rigs must be free running and have no shot or stops above the feeder or the bomb.

  • Non members are not permitted to be on any Society waters without prior consent from the Trustees or Committee.

  • Barbecues are strictly prohibited at any Society waters.


Violating any of the above rules may result in your permit being revoked.

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