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Our Society was established in 1950 and owns Barnett Pond in Shamley Green.  We also have a lease on the river at Gosden School and HRDC.


We welcome new members and if you are interested in joining please contact the membership secretary by email at membership@shamleygreenangling.co.uk


The societies new constitution can be downloaded from this link New Constitution

General information


We have two exchange tickets with Cranleigh Angling Society which are held by the Secretary. 


To find out more about Cranleigh Angling Society & their waters please go to their web site via this link www.cranleighangling.co.uk 


Please do not touch the mink trap on Barnett Pond. These are to stop out fish stocks being reduced by these pests. 


Also at Barnett Pond you will find some barley straw bales which have been brought in to stop algae blooms.  Please do not touch these or throw them on the bank.

Society Rules


  • Members must at all times carry their membership permit and EA rod licence and show them when requested.
  • Members and guests fish entirely at their own risk on all Society waters.
  • Bait Restrictions - No Boilie & No live baiting.
  • Unhooking mats are to be used at all times.
  • No keepnets to be used (except in official society matches).
  • All landing nets are to be completely dry when entering the fishery. The EA recommend that this is the ONLY sure way to prevent any disease being transfered to the fishery.
  • All hooks are to be barbless.
  • Fishing is allowed from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.
  • Take your litter home with you.
  • Due to the size and limited swims at Barnett Pond it has been decided to limit anglers to one rod/pole in use at any one time.
  • Bad language will not be tolerated.
  • When using audible bite alarms please have consideration for other anglers and turn then down to a minimum.
  • The use of braid (Mainline or hook length) is strictly prohibited from Barnett Pond.
  • Please fish from the officially pegged swims only.


Violating any of the above rules may result in your permit being revoked

Our Location

Shamley Green Angling Society

Lords Hill Road
Shamley Green

Contact Us

Shamley Green Angling Society is a friendly angling club and all are welcome.


If you would like to join the Society or have any queries concerning membership, then please contact the Membership Secretary by email at:







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